If you ask most Christians what REPENT means they will usually reply with one of two responses. We have all heard the expression “Turn or Burn”.  There was a time in this country when that would have been the response of most Christians. Today you’re more likely to respond to the question of repentance with a definition that calls for the one considering repentance to turn around and go in the opposite direction. Our LORD who never changes has an entirely different concept of Repentance.  It is clearly revealed in the Picture and Number language of the two Hebrew words that are most often used to communicate the concept of Repentance and Regret.  In this article, we will examine the picture language of the two Hebrew words most often used in Scripture to communicate what the English translations call Repentance. Curiously the first time the word Repentance is used it has nothing to do with man.   Let’s read again the passage from Genesis 6:6.