otiot_03The picture is the foot of a man. The Hebrews were always on their feet for traveling, working as well as playing “games”. The old Latin word for a leg is “gam.”

Picture: Foot
Associations: Game, Gam
Sound: g
Ancient Name: Gam
Modern Name: Gimel
Meaning: Gather, Walk


otiot_02The Hebrews lived in goat hair tents, which were divided into two halves, male and female sections, and divided by a wall. The picture of this letter is a representation of the floorplan to the tent. The tent was the place where the family laid their “bed”.

Picture: Tent
Associations: Bed
Sound: b, bh (v)
Ancient Name: Beyt
Modern Name: Beyt
Meaning: Family, House, In



otiot_01This is a picture of the head of an ox, the strongest animal among the livestock. The ox was used to pull carts or a plow, it provided meat and leather and it was one of the animals used in sacrifices. This letter has an “a” sound, but also an “e” sound as in elk and elephant, both of which are also powerful animals. The name of this letter is “aleph,” which may be the origin of “elephant.”

Picture: Ox
Associations: All, elk, elephant
Sound: a (ah), e (eh)
Ancient Name: al or el
Modern Name: aleph
Meaning: strong, power, leader