Restraining the Mystery of Iniquity

Is the Spirit of God still striving with men? Yes. Does the mystery of the 120 years find its solution in the 50 non-sequential Jubilee cycle introduced by God, a period that equals 6000 years? Yes. Has there been a time in history that the Spirit of God has not striven with men, before or after the flood? No.

Does God Keep Secrets from His Children

There is a big difference between a mystery and a secret. The one thing they have in common is that something is hidden. Some secrets are revealed only to a select group. It is a secret that they jealously keep to themselves and only share with those that are deemed worthy to become a part of their secret organization or cult.

The Conclusion of the 120 Year Prophecy

I will end this series with one final proof. Please be aware that all the proofs for this 120-year prophetic perspective have not been disclosed in summary articles. Time and space would not permit an exhaustive expose. But this does give you a thumbnail outline that you can use to do your own investigation.