Mark of the Palm

otiot_11otiot_22(takh)     Bend   /   Middle

Pictograph: The pictograph ת  is a picture of two crossed sticks representing a mark, the כ  is a picture of a bent palm. Combined these mean “mark of the palm”.

Definition: The lines or marks in the center of the palm are formed by the bending of the palm. A bending in the middle, the center of something.

Press the Beginning – Strong’s: 8270

otiot_20otiot_21(shar)     Tie   /   Cord

Pictograph: The pictograph ש  is a picture of the teeth representing pressure, the ר  is a picture of the head representing the top or beginning. Combined these mean “press the beginning”.

Definition: Ropes and cords were usually made of bark strips such as from the cedar or from the sinew (tendon) of an animal. The rope is made by twisting two fibers together. A single fiber is attached to a fixed point (top), and the two ends of the fiber are brought together. One fiber is twisted in a clockwise direction and wrapped over the other fiber in counter clockwise direction. The second fiber is then twisted in clockwise direction then wrapped around the first fiber in a counter clockwise direction. The process is repeated through the length of the rope. The twisting of the fibers in opposite directions causes the fibers to lock (press) onto each other making a stronger rope. The rope is used to tightly secure or support something, such as a load to a cart or the poles of the tent.