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Grace is unmerited Favor. Grace is something that is given freely without conditions or obligation by the giver. The very act of giving grace discloses two fundamental facts. The first thing it discloses in most cases is a need. The person or persons receiving grace are usually unable to provide what is needed by their own power and receive it freely from another who has the ability to provide what is needed. The second thing grace discloses is generosity on the part of the giver. He may be giving out of a great abundance and showing favor may cost him little. Or he may be giving all he has thus enriching another at his own expense. The ultimate expression of this is God’s grace extended to sinful man.



The four letters in the amazing Hebrew word “ahavah” are translated into English as “love.”  Love can describe everything from an intimate relationship, such as the love between a husband and wife, to the love that is displayed in selfless service to others such as the love that a father and mother have for a dependent child or a dear friend.


Wisdom – Part 2

In Part One, we looked at the Picture meaning of the Hebrew word Wisdom as first mentioned in Deuteronomy 4:6. In Part Two of the teaching on Wisdom, we will ask and answer the following question: Is there a deeper theological meaning hidden in the Picture Language of Wisdom? The answer is YES.