The Mystery of the 120 Years

The Mystery of the 120 Years

Is There a 6000 Year Jubilee Prophecy? The very fact that the Hebrew word Jubilee begins with a Yood gives us the confidence to investigate further in order to see if we can discover a time-stamp prophetic harbinger embedded in the word.

End-Time Patterns in Prophecy

Let’s begin investigating the meaning of the 120 years disclosed in Genesis 6:3 to discover if it is actually a prophetic announcement of a timeline that ends abruptly after 120 non-sequential Jubilees. In other words, let’s begin looking for clues that this actually is a 6000-year prophetic harbinger, or are we just letting our imagination hold hands with our wishes and expectation?

The Conclusion of the 120 Year Prophecy

I will end this series with one final proof. Please be aware that all the proofs for this 120-year prophetic perspective have not been disclosed in summary articles. Time and space would not permit an exhaustive expose. But this does give you a thumbnail outline that you can use to do your own investigation.

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