Messiah – Part 1

The most familiar title for the prophesied deliverer is the title Messiah that means “the Anointed One”. Would it surprise you that the title Messiah is only found in one book in the Old Testament and only used twice?

Messiah – Part 2

As we learned in Part 1 of The Mystery Message Hidden in the name of the Messiah, the literal Hebrew meaning of the word translated into English as Messiah is the Anointed One. We also learned that in our English Bible, the title Messiah is only found in one book of the bible where it appears only twice. The Ancient Prophetic Text of Daniel is one of most amazing books in the entire Scriptures. It is the book that reveals the exact day that the Messiah will appear in the temple in Jerusalem as the spotless lamb of God to be examined by the priests who end up rejecting Him just as the prophet Isaiah says they would in his prophecies written over 500 years before the Messiah appeared.

Messiah – Part 3

We have explored the picture meaning of the Hebrew Word that is translated into English as Messiah. Now let’s look at the Numeric meaning that is embedded in each of the four letters that are also numbers. I would like to remind the reader that the meaning of the numbers is based on how those numbers are used in Scripture.

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