Adonai is the Hebrew word that means lord. Religious Jews are forbidden to speak or write the name of YHVH and have substituted the Hebrew title Adonai (Lord) for the name YHVH. The English word Lord is a correct translation of the Hebrew word Adonai. Adonai is NOT a name it is a title. It should not be confused with the Sacred Name of YHVH which is also translated into the English as the title Lord. Usually when YHVH is translated Lord in the English versions of the Scriptures it is either emboldened or all the letters are capitalized. Many of the times Adonai is used in Scripture in reference to God it is used as term meant to indicate subordination. The Name YHVH is used 6820 times in Scripture. The Title Adonai is used 439 and in almost all those cases it is used a word to identify human princes or to indicate that all the lords of the earth are under the authority of YHVH.

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